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Hard water is caused when the water that is fed into your property contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium minerals. This manifests itself as scale and scum appearing on your water-fed appliances, particularly where there is more hot water than cold.

Some of the hardest water areas in the country are located throughout South East London and North Kent. Despite this, very few property owners realise how much of an impact hard water can have on their everyday lives. This can include increasing wear and tear on your washing machine and dishwasher, or covering your shower head and kettle with limescale.

Fitting a water softener to your home or business’ water supply is an effective remedy for these issues, as it removes unwanted mineral deposits by flowing through the unit.

Everest Heating & Plumbing are expert water softener installers, with extensive experience in the installation of Monarch and Kinetico water softener systems. So if you want to start experiencing the joy of softer water, trust us with your water softener installation.

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