Trust us to power flush cold spots out of your radiators cleanly and tidily! Having your heating system powerflushed with the added chemicals and magnetic unit will allow you to see what is being removed from your heating system. It cleans thoroughly without any damage being caused to your system. It will remove any build up of sludge in the pipes and will enable your system to produce better hot water and stop radiators from only being lukewarm.

This diagram shows you the symptoms that could occur and will indicate if your heating system would benefit from the power flushing process. Your boiler will be quieter and money will be saved on your energy bills as the complete system will work at its optimum capacity and more efficiently. Existing radiators do not need to be removed, so there will be no mess or disruption to your household. You could also save up to 25% on your fuel bills.

Before fitting a new boiler, a power flush is recommended to prevent any future problems and to clear the heating system/radiators. Systems are often found to contain sludge and corrosion even before any problems have been noticed. Watch an example of power flushing taking place:

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At the end of the process, the system is free of sludge and debris and contains fresh clean water. An inhibitor will also be added to the system to protect it in the future.

kamco power flush
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kamco power flushing