At Everest Heating & Plumbing all of our Engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered, and are therefore able to authorise and issue a Gas Safety Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the inspection. Any remedial work that is required to be completed before the issue of the Certificate will be made known to the Landlord in order for the work to be carried out.

As a Landlord they have a legal requirement to ensure that all gas appliances used by their tenants are safe and have a valid Gas Certificate. Since the Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998, Landlords have a duty to ensure gas appliances, pipe work, fittings, chimneys and flues are safe and regularly maintained.

Gas appliances have to be inspected annually to maintain their safety and the inspection has to be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. The engineer will check that each gas appliance is safe to use and carry out a soundness check at the gas meter.

The Gas Safe engineer will issue certification of each appliance that has been checked and any defects that might have been found. The Tenant & Landlord will each have a copy of the certificate.

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