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If your old boiler breaks down and you are looking to repair or replace it, give us a call: Everest Heating and Plumbing are boiler experts! We will let you know what work needs to be carried out in order to repair it or make it safe, or advise you of the best options available to you if it is irreparable.

We only offer A-rated energy efficient boilers in our range, all of which will be suitable for your home, match your requirements, be acceptable to your budget and come with parts and labour guaranteed. Our commitment to customer service means we will help you choose the right boiler for you and your home or business.

Perhaps you are planning an extension to your home or business, or a possible loft conversion and would like to update your current system to accommodate these plans to make it work more efficiently. We will discuss the best course action for you in your circumstances and according to your budget.

Replacing your old boiler with a new one will not only mean that you have a cleaner, greener and more energy efficient system in place, but you will be able to recuperate the cost of the installation by the financial savings you will be making on your energy bills. Investing in a new A-rated boiler system could mean you make a saving of up to £225 per year on your heating bills, which will add up to £1,000 over a little more than 4 years.

Again, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost before the work is carried out with no hidden charges.

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