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Heating and plumbing Q&A

Not sure what certain heating and plumbing terms mean? We’re here to help you understand, allowing you to better understand what service you require.

A machine is connected to the heating system with large magnets and chemical cleaner and is flushed through each radiator. This removes sludge and debris from the radiators, eliminating cold spots and protecting the boiler.

An immersion heater is an electric element. This is normally located at the top of the hot water cylinder and is a backup unit to be used should the boiler break down. The immersion is switched on to give the user hot water.

Thermostatic radiator valves control the temperature of an individual radiator. They are best located in living areas, such as bedrooms, where they can be turned down to control the heat. They are not fitted in the same room as a room thermostat.

You can tell if your boiler is a condensing boiler if there is a single white pipe running to a drainage system. They are more economical as the boiler recovers the heat that would normally be wasted and uses it to improve the boiler’s heating efficiency.

A combination boiler is where you don’t have a hot water cylinder airing cupboard. As you turn the hot tap the boiler instantly heats the water on demand. They are best suited to a one bathroom property.

This boiler has an internal pump and is a sealed system. This means you do not have a F&E tank in the loft and you do not need an external pump to run the heating system. The heating system is sealed and pressurised. You can have a hot water cylinder or an unvented cylinder.

This has a large cold water storage tank located in the loft and is gravity fed. This feeds the hot water cylinder normally located in an airing cupboard.
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